about the diary of a joshua tree + 3

 This blog started as The diary of a Joshua Tree. 

After getting married and having two kids, I changed the name to include +3!

Meet the loves of my life!

I'm Arielle the owner of this blog, I make jewelry and sell it on my online etsy shop. I love being a mom and wife. And crafts are just about my favorite thing to do. I'm also working on transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle. 

This is my husband, Kyle. He's pretty much the most attractive thing I've ever laid eyes on. 
We met when I was 18 and he was 19. Our story is a pretty good one, you can catch up a few posts back. He is a talented magician, artist, and a huge movie buff. 

This is my 1 year old, Ethan Atlas. 
He's my heart. He loves to dance and jump. Elmo is his favorite. And fish sticks are his comfort food. He's a pretty typical toddler. Oh, and he's obsessed with the word shoes. 

And this is my baby girl, Lydia Scarlett. She's only six months old and the most perfect happy baby you could ever meet. She just learned to crawl. There isn't one day that goes by that I don't thank Heavenly Father for this little angel baby.