Sunday, March 6, 2011

long. distance.

Today is the day I become an avid blogger. Long have I wished to be good at this. Longer have I been creeping on other peoples blogs wishing I could write as well as them or remember to post as often as they have. Well today is the day. I may not write poetically or creatively, but I do my best. So my blog followers (however few I may have)... I invite you on my journey.


Brittney Marie Irene Fields. A dear one to me that I'm about to have to maintain long distance with. Although this long distance is a 30 hour gap compared to 1. My sweet sister is moving to Utah. You can only imagine how much this pains me to see her go. She is my confidant. My stay up all night and listen to all my worries joys and concerns. My ride to walmart after midnight just because I'm craving doughnuts girl. She is practically perfect. We are two hearts in one. I will be sad to see her go. I am also so happy for her that she has found somewhere she wants to belong. Somewhere where she can become independent and stronger than she already is. I know she will do great things there. I just wish I could be there to share it with her.

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  1. Girl. Love the new blog! Super cute. Also love the pics of you and mark, so precious. Long distance sucks. Trust me I know. I know you must be so upset about Brittney moving, you guys are so close! I hope all is well with ya'll! I will be back for the summer so I hope to see you!