Friday, April 15, 2011

make a plan and keep it

I've been thinking a lot about the future lately. Which I do often, I always have. When I was younger I always wanted to know what we were doing next or what was going to happen next...or what we would be doing that weekend. I drove my parents crazy! So it's true. I'm a planner. I also kind of suck at keeping my plans. I've gotten better not perfect but better. I've started budgeting (so thats a plus)  I've been thinking a lot about college today and moving into my apartment. I'm so nervous. Sometimes I get sick to my stomach. I'm just terrified something is going to go wrong. I'm so scared. I'll get fired. Chop both of my legs off in a freak accident. etc. You get the picture. When it comes to school I'm just scared I wont be good enough or I'll be so stressed that I'll fail everything. I want to be strong and do my best. I know that I can if I keep my faith strong and continue to talk to my Heavenly Father.