Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the vow.

So today was Valentines Day and it was great. I have a lot of wonderful friends and family who are really sweet and really made this one a day to remember.

I went to see The Vow today and part of it really hit home. There is a line that is repeated several times in some way or another.

 "Life is all about moments of impact... And how they change our lives forever"

All I could think about was when Andrew got in his wreck. It was probably partly because of the beginning where all you see is Rachel Mcadams in the hospital. Seeing those walls, cold white floors, wires and the doctors checking Channing Tatums pupils. Everything was making me flashback. I started breathing harder, my eyes started tearing up, and I had to look away. But then I remembered that he's okay now. My best friend is still alive and he's almost better. 
Then I started thinking about the quote..."Life is all about moments of impact...." I can think of no other thing in my life that has impacted me as much as when Andrew crashed into that tree. So many things have changed for me. My eyes have been opened up to so much. It's just been really interesting thinking about this today, and I figured I'd share. Thinking about how my life has literally been changed forever. Because of that moment of impact. 

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  1. I'm really glad your friend is better now. I saw the movie as well...and loved it :)