Saturday, April 14, 2012

Guard your heart.

I have always been one to quickly fall for another. Maybe as much as I hate to trust for fear of another broken heart, I trust too easily. I must say that once I start falling for someone which always inevitably happens it seems as if my brain switches off and I just continue to fall. Forgiving every flaw and warning sign, and completely forgetting about that long check list I was asked to make over and over during Young Women activities.
 Well today during work I began forming a theory. I thought carefully about my last couple of relationships and realized that it's time for me to guard my heart. For that's where I've failed. I'm not saying close my heart off, but be much more careful on who I decide to give it to or maybe not who, maybe just how soon I give it away. My plan is to not give it away for a long long time and not unless he's completely worth it. Because if you aren't picky than you aren't smart. This is a huge piece of your future you are messing with. Remember that Heavenly Father wants the absolute best for you. So be careful my fellow ladies and gentleman, and guard your heart with all you've got.

Guarding our hearts means guarding our actions.

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