Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the beginning there was Me and St. Louis Missouri.

The beginning of this year wasn't easy for me. I was moving across the country. I was coming from several heart wrenching situations and I was leaving all I'd ever known. Up til this point (January) in the last year (2011) I will admit that I didn't have as strong of a relationship with my Heavenly Father as I know is necessary. I tell you this to lead up to a moment for me that was slightly pivotal if not more than a little slightly. Usually I wouldn't post something as special as this on my blog. But I have a feeling that I should.

So we were driving across the country. Myself and my sweet sister Britter. We'd been driving for quite a while. It was morning and we were driving through St Louis. The city was very dirty. Down right grimy. There were a few architectural beauties but other than that it wasn't much to look at. We were on the highway and rounded a corner. There it was. The St. Louis Missouri Temple. A literal house of the Lord. Oh it was so beautiful. Just standing there calling to our hearts. Of course we turned the car right around and drove into the grounds. The day was beautiful and warm for a January. It was morning, so the sun was shining in that " I just woke up kind of way." Everything seemed to glow. We walked around to the front and already the spirit was overwhelming and peaceful. I looked up at that Temple and decided in my heart that day that I would draw close to my Savior and to my Heavenly Father. That my heart was theirs eternally. I didn't want to leave but alas I'd never make it to my new home. Which I am slowly but surely growing to love.

I am thankful for the Lord and His tender mercies. Bringing me to see this temple was a tender mercy from him during that rough time and I will be forever grateful.


  1. I love this--I too NEED the temple in my life. I love your line, "Oh, it was so beautiful." <3

  2. The Temple has to be up there in the top of blessings we're given. We very much NEED it. <3