Wednesday, May 9, 2012

100th and Georgia.

So my dear friends. I have done it. I have made it to my 100th blog post!

The moment my plane landed in Atlanta, Georgia I could feel the happiness starting to bubble up inside. It started down in my toes and made its way up and out through a huge smile and sigh of content. I ran off and towards the baggage claim. Finally I made it outside and there was my Mother and my brother, I can't describe how happy my heart was to see their familiar faces. It was sticky and humid and I loved it.

When I woke up the next morning I could hear it. I could hear Georgia. The rustling of the trees, the birds, the bugs. And then. I could smell it. The dirt, the honeysuckles, everything. I was finally home. I was finally where I really belong. Words can't really explain how I felt driving around Georgia. Seeing all the pretty green, the dirt roads, the old houses. Perfection.

Stop number one. 

Ms. Vicky and Sammie. 
I haven't seen these sweethearts in almost three years. It was wonderful to catch up and see how much my little Sammie has grown. She is a beautiful young woman, and Ms. Vicky gave me some great advice during our little lunch date! Two beautiful people. 

Stop number two. My Studebakers. 
Anyone who really knows me, knows how much this family means to me. They are honestly my second family and I don't of them in any other way. Mrs. Angie made me macaroni salad and it was delectable. Anna gave me the best hug when I saw her and we had a lovely sleepover. Seeing Andrew smile even though he is still going through so much made me even more grateful for our very own miracle. Having my big brother Austin come home for 5 minutes and give me a great big bear hug made my day. Seeing Mr. Tony and Alex just put the cherry on top. 

Stop number three.

The next morning we had lunch with my Aunt Laura. She has just been such a staple and strong point in my life and I'm so grateful for someone who loves me through all of the stupid things I do. It was so good to see her!

Stop number four.

I visited the house that my Grandfather grew up in for the very first time. It was beautiful and I loved getting to see something so historic to our family. I visited my grandparents graves also. I miss them everyday. 

Stop number five. 
I got to see my fiery little Natalie and my Tiffany!
We had a very fun sleepover and caught up on life and what not. 
Very much needed. 

Stop number six. 

Lunch date with my Daddy. 
It was so nice to be able to spend some one on one time with him. 
Eating some delicious Zaxbys and talking about life. 
Then flower shopping. 
I know he loves me! I'm a Daddy's girl! 

The rest of the time was spent at home. I wish I was still home. Taking naps on the couch with my sister and getting the best hugs from my Baby brother. Eating with the family around our kitchen table and hearing about everyones lives. My Mother is amazing! She made that whole week possible, flying me down, and figuring out how to get around everywhere. Having the best heart to hearts and making me feel like I can face what I have to face and be okay. I love her with all of my heart. I miss my family so much it hurts! I can't wait to come back for Christmas! 

So there it is in a nutshell. My trip home from Utah. 
Now I'm back here. Still not in love with it but feeling much much better. 
Now let's see if I make it through this week of closing shifts at Ross. 
Happy Wednesday!

my sweet aladdin. who never fails to give me kisses. <3

After a very long day of silly airports. Back in Utah safe and sound. 

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