Friday, June 22, 2012

Real 100th as she wears her hair on top of her head.

So this post is a huge shout out to a lovely friend of mine Rachel Ostler. 
For one she helped me design my new blog header and I love it with every piece of me. For two her blog is just down right cute. If you haven't checked her out yet, I suggest you do it now. Her beautifully creative blog is named Sincerely Peachy. She shares lots of fun DIY activities and she has great taste in music. If you need any pretty pictures done she has her own little photography company named "Peaches and Lavender Photography". With a name as lovely as that you really can't go wrong. Go ahead and like'em on Facebook and set up a shoot while you're at it. She's really talented and an all around gem. 

My happiness for today consists of: Loving my new blog look, wearing a great thrift store find, and throwing my hair on top of my head. 

P.S. I accidentally lied a few post back. THIS is actually my 100th blogpost. 
I think I should do somethin' to celebrate. 

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