Friday, September 7, 2012

Harry Potters Twin Sister.

If you know me at all. Then you know that I am not one for anything sporty or athletic. 
This includes exercise. 
I'm not sure if this disdain began with kickball in elementary school or not. 
But I clearly remember always being the last one picked.
I mean let's face it. No one wants the shortest, nerdiest, looks like she could be Harry Potters twin sister on their team. Catch my drift? 
Plus every time the ball came at me I either stepped quickly to the side, or kicked it out of bounds.
On top of that dreadful memory. I've tried running before and the pain in your side and the feeling of every ounce of air you have gone, isn't exactly my favorite thing.

But this past week I became brave.
I decided to run every single day this week. 
Okay, so I missed one day. But only one.
I can actually feel the effects and I like it. 
Now. Running will never be my favorite. 
But this girl has got to do something to stay healthy. 
It's kinda important ya know?

Any running tips you could give me? 
I could surely use them. 

P.S. Pretty sure if I was a cat, I wouldn't have to run. 
Lucky Meacham. 

And this is how rough one looks after running 10 blocks. 

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