Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hike the Y.

So yesterday I decided to go on a little hike with two of my coworkers.
They are really more than just coworkers. They are dear friends. 
So we decided to do the classic hike of the Y. 

That's all I have to say. Now I know I'm out of shape but geez!

I will vouch for myself a little bit by saying that I have been sick the past 3 days. 
So maybe I would have survived a little better if I'd been a little healthier. 
But hey, no excuses right?

So as I hiked that Y. 
I was literally thinking to myself. 
I'm going to throw up, this is the worst, I just want to stop right here, is this over yet?
Can someone just please give me a good push so that I'll fall back down? 

I did have a good experience come out of this though. 
I had trudged my way a little further up the mountain and had come to a curve. 
I stopped and told the girl ahead, just go on without me. 
I can't do it. 
But I did it. 
I came around the curve and I saw the Y. 
I thought to myself. I was really THIS close...and I almost didn't make it. 
My mind immediately made a gospel connection. 
When we are on our journey. Whatever it may be at the moment. 
Repentance. Life in general. A trial.
When we get to that point where we just can't make it one more step. 
Just do it. Say a little prayer and keep going. Right around that corner is your "Y". 

So I'm glad I went. 
I'm grateful for the all the little lessons God has to teach me. 
Even if they come through a treacherous hike. 

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