Friday, September 14, 2012

They'll name a city after us.

Sometimes after a hard week you need to get away. I couldn’t think of a better way than taking a little trip to the City. 
So I put on a skirt. A thrifted collared shirt. And headed out.
I love going to Salt Lake. I love how everything smells. I love people watching. I love the musicians on the sidewalks.
Two minutes in my shoes were off. 

Basically, I just love it.

I also love spending time with two of the loveliest ladies. 


  1. You two are SO cute. And I love the way you take pictures...describing the experience with little hints of it with the pictures. You two are precious and gorgeous. SLC is truly a magnificent place :)
    Oh and cute outfits!

  2. You're my favorite Brittany! Come visit? :)