Friday, February 1, 2013

and the boy drew the girl.

The boy is quite the artist. 
and the girls heart skipped a beat.


  1. wow he is good!! and you are beautiful all of the time, even in pencil hehe. I hope to meet him soon;)

  2. Oh my heck! I want him to draw me and my husband. ahha! What a talented guy. Loving your blog header.

    amanda @ we and serendipity

  3. Sarah! You are so kind. You will meet him soon for sure. :)

    Amanda! Thank you so much. You know if you want to send me a picture for him to draw I'm sure he would be willing to do it. My email is if ya wanna send one.

  4. Hey! I am so excited for you!! I keep reading your blog and counting down the days for you until Kyle comes home! You guys are adorable and totally meant to be together!!! :D


  5. Okay, by the top picture? all the words he wrote. #dead
    how have I never seen this post til now?

    1. OH Rachel. Tell me about it, he is a heart melter! Oh, how I love him!!!!!!!