Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Boy asked The Girl a question.

It all happened so fast like a dream.
One second he was in Mexico.
The next we were writing letters.
And then he was home.
Just sitting right in front of me.

We were quick to fall back together.
My days began to be filled with his smile.
And oh that laugh.
Nights were continued with long talks.
All about his dreams.
My dreams.
Our dreams.

Then one morning the boy came to my home.

We traded the journals that we’d kept for each other the last six months.
He opened his.
I opened mine.

I read a sentence on the left page and then my eyes went to the right.
Nestled in a little circle of cut pages was the most beautiful ring.

It was perfect.
All of it.
How the light was coming in.
How he looked at me when I slammed the book shut in shock and slid it to the side.
How I felt when I finally realized he was on one knee.
How he picked me up and kissed me.

How I feel as I realize that God sent me Kyle.


  1. this is the CUTEST thing I've ever read. Ya'll are the cutest couple ever, so it's only fitting!

  2. Okay, this is perfection. Love love love. I'm thrilled for the two of you!!

    1. Oh Meg. I knew I'd could count on you to comment. And you're always just so sweet. Thank you girl!

  3. So gorgeous! xx


  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Amanda!!!! I'm super excited. :))