Saturday, July 6, 2013

We got coons!

So for the past week and a half we have heard Critters in our ceiling. At first we were informed that they were rats, which completely grossed me out. 

But no, they aren't overly large rats. They're raccoons!!! 

I'm not really sure if that's much better, but at least they're cute! 

I sometimes lay awake at night scared it's going to come out of the ceiling and creep onto our bed. And  by sometimes I really mean every night. 

One night Kyle thought he heard one, kissed me and said if he died of rabies that he loved me. 

Then his brave self went hunting for it. This was the middle of the night and really he had just knocked a remote off of the bed and thought it was a raccoon. So we haven't seen any of em' yet. But they are there, and we are now kicked out of our house until the "Raccoon Hunters" (a pair of gentleman dressed in blue jean over-alls and face masks) get the rascals out. 

So that's our life right now. Also we went on a trip home to Georgia, and then traveled to California for a friends wedding. It was long and crazy ( thanks to my non-flying skills) long story. Too embarrassing to tell all of you right now. 

And really I'm sorry for my blogging hiatus. Life's crazy sometimes ya know?

 Date Night.

Fourth of July. 

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  1. You two are the cutest!
    I love your blog posts and pictures.

    And I'm sorry about the coons...bless! I hope you are back home safe and sound soon:)

    xx Brittany