Thursday, March 6, 2014

you know, no one tells you what it's really like.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how no one tells you what it's really like. 

No one explains what it's really like to carry a child.

what it's really like to birth a child. 

and what it's really like after.

For good reason I suppose. It's hard to explain. 

One thing I had a hard time dealing with through the entire pregnancy and after is my self esteem when it comes to my body. 
Going through that much of a change in such a very short time is hard!!! 
I saw my stomach expanding, my thighs a little bigger, my hips wider. 

After I had the baby I knew I wouldn't look the same either but the emotions it puts you through is not something you are prepared for. 

I know that my body is beautiful whether my tummy is flat or not. I mean look what I created?! 
The most perfect little human. 

And he is worth EVERY stretch mark, tummy pooch, and thigh jiggle. 

BUT. I feel like it is important to be healthy and to be happy with yourself! 
Whatever size that may be. 

So Kyle and I have started eating healthier and working out together! 
What I love about it: I get to bond with my husband. I feel SO much better about myself already even if there hasn't been any change in my body that can be seen
being healthy just gives you so much energy! Which I desperately need with my little one.

I feel like I will probably make some post in the future about what being pregnant is all about but for now just wanted to update you on what I'm excited about. 

Also I'm still falling in love with my baby every single day! 

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