Friday, April 11, 2014

New Blog Name

I have been the blogger behind, The Diary of a Joshua Tree since I was 19 years old. 
I'm almost 23 now and I'm ready for a new chapter. 

But as an ode to that blog, I'd like to say a few things. 

Being and becoming. 


Changed me. 

I learned to love myself for my flaws.
For my trials. 
For my weaknesses. 

Because it IS the struggle that gives you beauty. 

I have had the HARDEST time deciding to change my name. 

I know my blog isn't popular, so it's just the connection that I deeply feel with the name that is hard. 

I will always be a Joshua Tree. 

But now we begin with....

Drum Roll Please. 

YOU, ME, and E. 

Self explanatory I think, and yes I know it may have to be changed when another little one enters the family. 
But that won't be for a while now, promise. 

I'm excited to share with you things from our family, and little E. 

So stay tuned for more posts to come. 

what do you guys think of the new name and header? 
Is there anything you'd like to see posted on this blog? 

Keep Smiling. 


  1. I like your new name! I am a new reader, but I think your new name has a nice ring to it :)