Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY balloon pumpkin patch for toddlers

I found this fun idea "here", 
and decided to do it myself
 with what I could get quickly. 

It's a pumpkin patch made out of balloons!
How cute is that??
I fixed it up during nap time and my babies 
were THRILLED when they woke up and got to
play with balloons! 
This is a really simple, cute, and fun activity. 
I hope you love it as much as we did, 


Here's what you'll need. 

There are five steps. 
1. Cut your green paper ( I used napkins because that's what I had on hand, be creative!) into strips until you have a fringe like photo #2. 
2. Blow up your balloons, I blew up 20 while watching The Vampire Diaries ;) 
3. Simply wrap a little of the fringe around the "bottom" of the balloon and tape on. 

4. Draw cute faces on your pumpkins, I am no artist so mine are as simple as it gets! haha

5. You are finished! Enjoy with your sweet babies!  

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