Thursday, March 31, 2011

because my life belongs to them.

I started something new. I call it 365 days Closer to Christ. Everyday when the day is done I take off one of the numbers and write on the back of it something that I realized or observed on the spiritual side of life. It may not be the brightest idea but it works for me. Sometimes you just need a little something to remind you. So this is my thing. My whole life I've gone through spiritual up and downs. Some times I'll be so strict on scripture study and prayers. Other times I'll go months without it. I decided its time to change, and change for good.

                                         I will keep a prayer in my heart.

                                         I will remember the one who gave everything for me.

                                         My life is not my own.

I love this picture. I can't wait to meet him again.

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