Saturday, April 2, 2011

i'd share the last piece of ham with you

For quite a few years now I've taken to calling my little brother my "little big brother" because, although he is younger than me he has been taller than me for quite sometime. Joshy and I have been together since I was a little toddler running around getting into everything. I will say that we didn't always have the best relationship. We fought constantly. One time we had a huge fight over the last piece of ham. I told him I hated him. He punched me in the face ( although to this day he still denies that) :) We had our ups and downs. I believe we always had each others backs though. I always will. He is my little brother and I love him so. I was reminded of my love for him about a week ago. I was in the land of dreams. One of my favorite places. At least I thought it was until along comes the death of my brother. All I could do in my dream was cry. All I did when I woke up was cry. I immediately grabbed my phone and texted my mommy to ask if Josh was dead. Luckily he wasn't. I realized that day that I needed to appreciate him more. Just like when I was 11 and dreamed that I pulled his arm off. Things and places change, but family stays the same. Heres wishing for happy dreams here on out.

2 and 4. 
I think. 

In Florida after getting our faces painted at Seaworld. 

Gotta love Clara's cute grumpy face. 

Joshys sweet smile and my harry potteresque glasses. 

I love you joshy smoshy! 

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