Sunday, March 20, 2011

meet the family

Before I came here to my home on earth I chose a beautiful and loving family to be with. I was adopted by my Aunt and Uncle. But through ordinances special to me she is now my Mother and my only Mother and he is my Father and only Father. They raised me lovingly and tried to teach me everyday those things which I would need in the future. I am trying hard to use what I've been taught correctly and be a better example to my little wonderful brothers and sisters. I've made mistakes but haven't we all. What matters is that we work hard to fix them and not make them again. I am forever grateful for them and am still being taught by them as I continue to grow through their loving words.

Meet the Blockers

My Mommy and Daddy
Trina and Tim

Joshua. He is 18 and a stud muffin.

Our beautiful Clara. 16. She's our little genius.

Rachel is 14. She is an artist and lovely.

This is the only picture I have on my computer of baby Noah right now.
But basically this 12 year old boy is the love of my life.

Families can be together forever.
Through Heavenly Fathers plan.

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  1. Love this. Love the face that families can be together for eternity! what a blessing!