Thursday, June 16, 2011

nostalgia & seagulls

I get nostalgic quite often. I'll think about the past and almost wish I could time machine myself right back to it. Today in particular I was thinking of this cassette tape that my mommy used to play for us when we went to bed. I searched and searched for it. I found it. Seagulls: by Hap Palmer. Ahhhh. The second I pressed play I could feel it coming. The transportation. Suddenly I was back in my bunk bed being soothed to sleep. Needless to say I will be buying this as soon as I don't have bills that take up my whole pay check! Happy Thursday friends. Keep Smiling.

give it a listen. maybe you'll fall in love. 
or asleep.


  1. baby tapes are the best. They're so soothing. I randomly catch myself singing the songs that were on the cassette I used to listen to as a baby.