Wednesday, June 15, 2011

apologies to my eskimo friends

you know. i never realized how dang out of shape i am. i decided to go to a zumba class. i've always wanted to go, i mean it was only five dollars and a girl from work was teaching it so why not you know? well. i almost died. i was breathing so hard i think the eskimos in alaska could hear me. i was sweating like a pig. (do pigs REALLY sweat?) but it was worth it. i think i'll go back next week. p.s. is it bad that i got taco bell on the way home?

                                                    This is how i feel after zumba.

One thing i love about coming home now is dumbledore. He never fails to greet me (except when he decides to hide in my closet for hours while i go crazy trying to find him!) i love it. He's like my own little child. He has started scratching me now which isn't so sweet, but at least he's not throwing up on me i guess. i love this little one. <3

little baby dumbledore!


  1. ZUMBA is the best workout ever! I love it. I'm going to try to get certified and teach it at the gym I work at! Your little kitty is so presh! Hope all is well! :]

  2. I know right? I love it. I would love to get certified but I think I need a LOT more practice. :) Thanks I adore the critter! All is wonderful. I hope your life is being blessed. <3