Tuesday, June 14, 2011

dumbledores a grobanite?

GEEZ. I've been without internet for so long. Not blogging has been close to torture. But here I am back and I am happy. Time to catch up on life.

1. I attended a Josh Groban concert. When I was 16 years old. I met a boy named Andrew. He quickly became my best friend and we bonded at first over a man with a beautiful voice. Josh Groban. His music melts my soul. So when I got the opportunity to attend his concert with a fore mentioned best friend. (my first concert btw) I jumped on the idea. Several months and a 113 dollars later I was sitting 15 feet away from him. It was nothing short of amazing. I cried. Literally.

2. I have a new baby. His name is Dumbledore in honor of the last Harry Potter movie coming out next month. Can we say depressing? But here he is. My new little friend to keep me warm on lonely nights. He is also supposedly deaf. I'm not positive though...he might just have selective hearing :) I also have my beloved friend Aladdin safely at my apartment. I'm so happy.

3. Last of all. My future is looking promising. Thats all I'm saying for now ;)

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