Tuesday, May 24, 2011

goodbye teenage arielle.

Its official. I am no longer a teenager. For the first time at my birthday I do actually feel older. Its weird. Anyways my birthday weekend was splendid. I had a super yummy dinner cooked by mommy followed by watching my little brother graduate seminary (congrats!!)  On my actually birthday I had a little party with some of my closest friends. I had a lovely time catching up with all of them and watching all of their dance moves while we played dance central. I'll definitely remember this birthday. Thank you to all that helped this be a memorable one!

my sweet sister. 

cheesecake factory.

wont let you go ever again!

she's just lovely.

my little brother graduated seminary!
i am so proud.

celebrating turning 20.
a few of the friends who came to celebrate left before the picture was taken
(brittney fields. adam fister.)

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