Friday, May 20, 2011

things i've learned thus far in apartment 717

I've learned that there is actually not a need for ceiling lights or else there wasn't when this place was created.
I've learned that whether you have your own child here it matters not. Because youre going to hear the little boy next door crying at strange hours anyways.
I've learned that you can lay down to take a nap and just before you fall asleep you are rudely awakened by the lady down stairs who asks you if thats "your blue car" and if you would not park there because thats her parking place. Reserved parking spots? I was unaware.
I've learned that taking a shower turns into an episode of Home Improvement.
I've learned that I indeed can make some delicious spaghetti out of ragu and ramen noodles.
I'm sure there is much much more to learn. I love it. In apartment 717.

I do love walking downstairs to see those flowers every morning.

the parking place that does NOT belong to me :)

i love when the landlord lets you know that your shower knob is going to fall off in your hand....
except that he doesn't actually let you know at all. 

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  1. Well it may be time for mark to drop the computer books and pick up "Home improvement for dummies"... mainly cause landlords are about as reliable as that shower knob you are holding in your hand :)