Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference Spring 2012

It feels like the last three weeks have been at least three months. My heart has gone through so much. My stress level is sky rocketing and sometimes I fail to see the bright side. I was looking forward to General Conference with every fiber of my being, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. I was amazed at the spirit felt. I was amazed at the answers I received. I was in love with the love that was being given through the words spoken. There is no denying that our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have an undying and eternal love for all of us. I'll just share a few of my favorite things I jotted down here and maybe you will feel something move in you as you read.

- Find courage to make changes. Thomas S. Monson.
- No pain can last forever. Boyd K. Packer
- Family time is sacred and should be protected and respected. Boyd K. Packer
- When teaching children doctrine, get the doctrine into their hearts so that it becomes a part of their very    being. Cheryl A. Esplin.
- When asked "Who's on the Lord side who?" be able to firmly say " I am!". Donald A. Hallstrom
- Sacrament meeting should never be boring. Its your choice! - Donald A. Hallstrom
- How can we help others know that He ( Heavenly Father) loves them? Paul E. Koelliker
- Nurture others for the rest of your lives. Paul E. Koelliker
- Awakening your desire to know opens the channel to answers and learning. - Paul E. Koelliker
- Have a PATTERN in all things so that we might not be deceived. Paul E. Koelliker
- Love one another.
- Offer as a sacrifice unto him a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Dallin H. Oaks.
- Always be prepared to serve the Lord. Dallin H. Oaks.
- The Gospel is true. Then what else matters? Dallin H. Oaks
- No sacrifice too great or struggle too difficult to receive temple ordinances. Dallin H. Oaks.
-Live your life for His sake and you will find it. Dallin. H. Oaks.
- Be Valiant. Henry B. Eyring.
- A great blessing could come from adversity to more than compensate for what it cost you. Henry B. Eyring
- Trouble can be your way to gain unshakable faith. Henry B. Eyring.
- You receive no witness until after the trial of your faith. Henry B. Eyring.

I think thats enough for now. That is just the highlights that I just loved from the first session! I'll probably post some more through the week. My testimony has been deepened. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and I plead with all of you who may not know to pray to Him. He will let you know that He is there and He will guide you with the deepest of all loves. :))

                                                                  Have a happy Monday night.

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