Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When Ethan Atlas came five weeks early.

What do you do when your baby decides he wants to enter your world 5 weeks early?

Well I'll tell you. You don't get a choice in the matter. You just say...

Bring it on!!! 

I had a feeling earlier that day that today I would go into labor. 

But honestly I thought that was just my wishful thinking because baby was making me uncomfortable. 

But my braxton hicks contractions had started to feel just a little bit different and a little more frequent. 
I expressed the concern to Kyle but we both just shrugged it off and continued watching our TV show. 

About 3 hours later I was pretty sure we should AT LEAST go to the hospital and get checked out. 

Since this was our first baby, just wanted to play it safe.
We didn't pack a bag or anything. 

We felt a little silly as we drove there, but I was definitely feeling the contractions about 5-7 min apart. 

We figured that we would be seen and the doctor would tell us we were over zealous and send us home with a few pain meds. 

Well the doctor comes in and checks me. I'm 4 1/2 cm dilated! 
They tell me that they aren't sure if they are going to keep me and that they will check in an hour to see if there has been any change. 

Longest. Hour. Ever.

Finally the nurse comes in. 

Checks again. 

5 cm dilated. 

"Well, let me go see what the doctor wants to do."

Still Kyle and I are thinking, Surely this isn't it. 

The nurse walks in again. Looks at the both of us and says. 

"You're having a baby tonight!"
As soon as she walked out of the room I burst into tears. I wasn't ready yet!

I was so scared.
But lucky me, I married an amazing man who knew just the right things to say and held my hand the whole time. 

If I didn't have Kyle with me I don't know if I could of done it. He is truly amazing.
I really think that God gave me an Angel. 

The nurses told us several times that first time moms usually push for about 1-2 hours. 

I wasn't looking forward to that... 

Well when it came time to push.

I pushed twice, and the nurses were all of a sudden yelling at me to stop pushing and put me on my side until the doctor could get there. Ethan was ready to be here NOW!!!

After 3 more contractions the baby was out. It was perfect and I loved my baby from the second I layed eyes on him. 

Since Ethan was 5 weeks early he had a little trouble breathing and being strong enough to eat. 

After a VERY long two weeks in the NICU he came home with us. 

He is a mostly happy baby, and we love having him in our family! 

Thank you Rachel Mariesa Photography for this cute little photo. 

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