Thursday, May 1, 2014

the luckiest.

I swear I'm the luckiest. And I know that everyone in their own way is the luckiest because God planned it that way.

But the past two weeks have been magic.

I went to the temple and received my endowments, and that was just wonderful. I've been through a lot. And I was ready. SO READY. And I could feel it.

We had anniversary weekend. It was simple and SO FUN. More on that later.

And now, the time is finally here! Saturday afternoon I will go inside the house of the Lord, with the love of my whole life and my sweet baby. I will be sealed to them for all time AND eternity! Oh, thank you Heavenly Father for your kindness and mercy. For allowing us to choose our family, and to be with them always.

My heart is full.

Here are a few pictures we had taken to celebrate our sealing. (Ethan was taking a nap, so hopefully we will snap some pics of him on Saturday!)


  1. I am soo excited for and your little family!!

  2. How amazing! Getting your endowments and being sealed is the best thing!!