Sunday, October 4, 2015

Matching socks, and fall thoughts.

Did you know that being a Mama isn't easy? 

It sometimes feels like you are going to pull your hair out. 

or possibly lock your toddler out of your room for an hour, 

because he. just. won't. stop. screaming. 

But did you know that the sweet moments make up for those hard ones? 

Did you? 

Because sometimes it's the perfect fall weather outside. 

And you and your two littles put on matching socks for fun. 

You turn up T- swift and watch your almost 2 year old try out his new sweet dance moves. 

Then you snuggle those babies. 

You snuggle them, and you give them too many kisses to count. 

And you sit back for a second and say God, THANK YOU.

You watch how much they have already grown. 

And as you wipe away the tears, one more time you say.

God, thank you.

much love,


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