Friday, March 18, 2011

Self. Mutilation. WHY?

Here's the situation. I'm sitting inside a tiny hole-in-the-wall over crowded nail salon.

 Surrounded with the little women speaking in a different language. I walk to the chair of doom. Sit down and feel hot wax poured onto my face...and as if that wasnt enough immediatley after I feel half my face being ripped off! Okay so maybe it wasn't THAT bad. But I screamed out in pain in front of seven ladies who just got up this morning looking for some peace and relaxation. So here's a question. Why in the WORLD. Do girls put themselves through so much just to look more attractive? We obviously don't do it for our boys ....because boys hardly notice these things. I could come out with my hair on top of my head or have worked on it for 2 hours and I can bet you my right ear (which is alot. because thats my favorite ear...) that mark would not notice a thing. The reason this question comes up: today Britter and I decided to do the most painful thing invented for women. EYEBROW WAXING. Who woke up one morning and got the brilliant idea to go pluck the hairs off of their face? Who i ask you? Who does that?? Well it started with that one person....and turned into millions. Including myself....I must say the after effect is quite nice though. The process not so much. Moral of the story. I can count on Britter to do these obnoxious beauty rituals with me.

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