Monday, April 25, 2011

bunny rabbits. pretty dresses. and lots of candy.

There was a time when all Easter was to me was bunny rabbits, pretty dresses, and lots of candy. Now its still bunny rabbits, pretty dresses, and lots of candy....but its more. The true meaning is that of our Savior and the hope he gives us for this life. This Sunday I pondered on that fact all day. I just became more grateful than I was before. I also had a lovely weekend with my boy and my childhood best friend. It was her birthday. Her name is Morgan and I love her very much. We've been best friends for 13 years this July and I'm blessed to be close to a girl so lovely. We had yummy food and wonderful conversations.

I also have some other news......I am the proud owner of a CAR. His name is Frederick. He's old and beat up and needs a lot of TLC but he was free. A very sweet gift from my friend Michael Scott who is leaving me to go into the army. My prayers are with him. I am so blessed!

Best friends

My love easter morning. 

baby maraya, she looks like she could be ours ;)

I love her very much <3

My friend Michael Scott

The gang. 

My new car :) Frederick.

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  1. Arielle. You're the prettiest, sweetest, and loveliest girl I know. I'll love you always.