Monday, January 2, 2012

I can finally breathe!

2011 or at least the end of it was probably one of the worst/best years of my life. Mostly worst but I learned alot from it. Christmas was wonderful, my Mother really out did herself. When we rang in 2012 I felt like I could finally breathe and I'm ready to be happy now! 4 months is a long time to not really smile.

This year has started off so lovely. I'm on a roadtrip to Virginia with my Mom and brother and I've loved it so far. Virginia is just plain gorgeous, plus it decided to snow for a few minutes today, just for me I believe!

I'm ready for new friendships. I'm ready to start my next adventure in Utah. I'M SO READY TO SEE BRITTER.

So bring on 2012 because I'm ready to love and experience life this year.

Thanking Heavenly Father everyday for loving me and giving me hope for my future.

 Magical snow in Virginia!

We had a lovely bonfire on the 30th. Lots of great friends. Yummy smores.
and we learned a new campfire song

Naptime in the Mountains

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